about this blog(ger)

i finally had a vision … culture is not only to be enjoyed but to be shared. culture is not only the arts but food and drink as well. hence i shall begin to share the fine things in my life that make me smile and enjoy what is being thrown at me! may it be a cocktail, a plate of olives or music that makes me swoon or weep or dance…

if you enjoy it then do share the experience – in whatever form or language you want!

le droric’est moi … weird, culinary, music lover and cocktailaddict (german born and based [once more] but with 15 years of londonlife on my back and already 14 years of a french working environment … call me culturally bent in all directions!). food is my passion but i don’t need caviar to be happy. life happens in the simple things – a clean mind goes with a clean palate. ingredients happen to be mostly fresh and often organic.

i used to be a very strict vegetarian but have a couple of years openend up my diet to seafood again, though mostly my diet consists of vegetarian and vegan options.

and who can say no to a dirty martini as a starter???


5 thoughts on “about this blog(ger)

  1. Lieber Björn,
    dann mal viel Erfolg – obwohl Du das überhaupt nicht nötig hast! Ich steige hier dann in zehn Tagen wieder ein, wenn es um die Cocktails geht;-) Sehr hübscher Blog, gefällt mir gut. Freue mich auf tolle Anregungen!

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      1. Lieber BDA: Danke für die Zusammenarbeit. Ob wir mit Ihren spannenden und tollen neuen Sachen Ansatzpunkte haben? Sie haben meine Koordinaten, ja?
        Herzliche Grüße Benno Keller

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