a rosy gin and tonic to chill and enjoy

sometimes it is good to revisit old friends and spice up the friendship with something new. a gin and tonic is always a good and safe choice and something to play around with …

a rosy gin & tonic

g&t with rose

ingredients (for one cocktail):

2cl hendrick’s gin

4-6cl doctor polidori’s cucumber tonic

1-2tsp rose water

2-3 ice cubes

put the ice cubes in a martini glass (as it just looks prettier!), add the gin and the rose water and stir. pour over the tonic water and decorate with a slice of cucumber. drink. chill. perfection!

one absolutely and under all circumstances MUST use hendrick’s gin for this recipe, as it already has a subtle aroma of rose and cucumber which will be magnified by the addition of the rose water (ensure that you use a natural, organic variety … and none that has added artificial rose flavouring – the difference in taste is immense!). the polidori’s cucumber tonic adds more earthiness of the cucumber and it all becomes a very rounded and rich taste on one’s palate – what more could one wish for in a cocktail? you’re welcome 🙂

PS. i discovered the polidori tonic by pure chance – if you cannot find it near you, you can get the details of the distributor here. if you need to substitute the cucumber tonic, fever tree elderflower tonic would work, but it will make the result slightly sweeter and less clean in taste – if you use it then add a couple of  cucumber slices to the glass.


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