marteani … a marriage of cocktail and tea (or the art of infusing gin with tea)!

valentine is over, hence it is the day after being sarcastic. i used the weekend to infuse my own flavoured gin, made from gin and tea. it is quick, fragrant and rich in taste. i actually made two different kinds (as i have heaps of different teas) and afterwards two different cocktails. cocktails first, the recipe for tea infused gin will follow at the very bottom:

earl grey marteani (with a hint of elderflower)

earl grey marteani

ingredients (for one):

5cl earl grey infused gin

2.5cl lime or lemon juice

2 cl elderflower syrup

add all liquids with ice into a cocktail shaker and shake, shake, shake! strain into a martini glass and start sipping like a real gentleman (or lady) …

the elderflower syrup adds a to the heady floral taste from the bergamotte in the earl grey. should you detest elderflower than just substitute with simple syrup or agave nectar. overall it is a very nice blend of flavours and smells divine!

jasmine marteani


ingredients (for one):

5cl jasmine tea infused gin

1-2cl vermouth with lime flavour (i used cinzano – if you cannot get vermouth that is slightly lime flavoured, then use regular vermouth bianco and add some lime zest)

with this recipe, i stayed much closer to the regular martini by using just gin and vermouth – hence the taste is cleaner and less fruity. add the ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake with ice vigorously, then strain into a martini glass. it will have some nice frothy foam on top and looks pretty.

the jasmine martini is headily floral in scent with a flowery but ever so slighly tart note (from the green tea leaves that are used for jasmine tea), which i find very mouthwatering. i think this might become a new favourite of mine and will substitute for a regular martini quite often…

how to make tea infused gin?

it is ever so easy and done in under two hours! all you need is:

350ml* gin (use a regular dry gin that is clean in flavour)

4 tsp aromatic tea leaves (best to use oganic), i.e. earl grey, jasmine…

in a big jar or bottle with a wide top, mix the gin with the dry tea leaves and give it a slight swing around or stir. close the bottle and let the leaves macerate in the spirit for about 60 to 90 minutes (swing around once more during that time), then strain through a sieve. do not squeeze the tea leaves in the sieve, just let them drip off and then discard them. if you squeeze the leaves, your infused gin will turn very bitter as you will extract too much tannine from the tea! the colour of the infused gin will depend on the tea you used, a green tea will be lighter than a black tea (in the picture above you see how dark the earl grey infused gin is, it is the bottle to the left behind the glass).

as i am usually quite bold with flavours, taste the gin while infusing after about 30 minutes (it might have enough flavour by then, according to your tastebuds), as the infusion i made is on the strong side – for a lighter flavour, infuse the gin for a shorter period of time.

et voila, your infused gin is ready to be used in marteanis, g&ts or even pure! you can use any black or green tea you want for infusion, but i would go with teas that have a floral scent as this goes soo well with the herbiness of the gin.


*see what i did? as a regular bottle of gin has 700ml, you can get two differently infused gins from one bottle! 🙂


4 thoughts on “marteani … a marriage of cocktail and tea (or the art of infusing gin with tea)!

  1. i think as well that it is better to infuse it too long than too short … but the risk is that it will become a bit bitter. also i think it works best with a gin that is ‘clean’ in taste (i.e. bombay) without the delicate notes of let’s say hendricks (as then you would put jasmine on top of rose … and you might end up with a glass of potpourri!). speaking of rose, i might try the next infusion with a green tea with rose petals and vodka … just to see how that will turn out 🙂


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