physalis charleston – a ray of bright orange!

sunday is cocktailtime! and time to reinvent a ‘classic’, a charleston cocktail with a twist!

physalis charleston


ingredients (for one):

six frozen physalis (also known as cape gooseberry or tomatillo)

two tbsp peach liqueur

juice from one clementine

prosecco or cremant (chilled)

first of all, juice the clementine and fill into an icecube tray to freeze (juice should make about three cubes). put in the freezer, as well as the physalis (separately) to have all frozen (will take a couple of hours).

once the physalis are frozen, blend them into a mash in a food processor with the two tbsp of peach liqueur. fill the puree into a cocktail glass (if you don’t like pips, then strain through a sieve beforehand).

meanwhile add the iced clementine juice as well and fill the glass with chilled prosecco or cremant. gently stir it all together (be careful not to be too vigorous … you don’t want it to go flat).

decorate with a fresh physalis and enjoy a cocktail that is as sunny in colour as it is wonderfully fruity in taste (without being too sweet!). makes a great welcome drink for a cocktail party with friends!!!


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