vatican for pleasure … or how even catholicism turns into a (vegan) cocktail!

as it is carnival season in the cologne area (don’t ask, if you were not born in the area you will not understand. i was not born in the area. i don’t understand and don’t really appreciate the why?!) the streets will this thursday be filled with dressed up people who mostly are drunk before noon. even though it does not get me festive, it gives me an excuse to become cocktaily again – though not before noon!

the vatican is a very colourful cocktail with only a couple of ingredients but lots of flavour. no idea where the name comes from, but the flavour is good enough in itself: a bit sweet and a bit spicy. sounds strange? tastes splendid!


ingredients (for one cocktail):

4 frozen strawberries

4cl vodka

1cl fresh lime juice

dash of sugar syrup (optional, depending on how sweet the strawberries are)

pepper (freshly ground from the mill)

in a blender, mix all ingredients (apart from the pepper) together until you have a smooth liquid (it only takes a couple of seconds). transfer to a cocktail shaker and shake with a couple of ice cubes, then strain into a cocktail glass.

grind some pepper on top of it (if you like it really spicy, chili flakes are fine too). then sip it and enjoy the pepper giving it a slight tingling which really complements the sweetness of the strawberries!

personally, i would prefer this as an after-dinner drink as it is too sweet for an aperitif. the sweetness mainly coming from the strawberries, means it is headily fruity rather than sticky-sweet. plus it will make you happy.




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