keeping your skin soft – a ‘beauty tip’ out of the kitchen drawer from a middle-aged fella

keeping your skin soft and fresh looking and facing the seasons is quite a feat – and with age one needs to look after it even more. mind you, it does not get rid of wrinkles but who cares? wrinkles are part of a person’s maturing process and there is nothing worse than having someone to capture ‘eternal youth’ by having a face botoxed into looking like a fresh plum, whereas your hands and neck look like a prune!

one needs to feel well in and with ones skin and i personally found this exfoliator very reviving! your skin will feel soft and supple after using it (ok, the picture is just a tease) and the best thing is that you can raid your kitchen drawer to make it!



1 tsp organic honey

0.5 tsp virgin coconut oil

0.25 tsp bicarbonate of soda / baking soda (in Germany also known as ‘Kaisernatron’)

first things first, it is very important that you use bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) and not washing soda, as the former can be used in cooking whereas the latter is caustic!!! be careful not to get those mixed up…

moisten your cleansed face with some warm water and, in the palm of your hand, melt the coconut oil and mix it with the honey and the bicarbonate of soda, which is done quickly using your index finger. it will form a paste.

gently rub the paste on your wet face and slighly massage it for a couple of seconds. do not rub with too much pressure. leave the paste on your face for another minute and then wash it all off with lots of lukewarm water.

your skin might look slighly blushed from the exfoliation afterwards, but will feel very soft and not tight at all. best used in the evening as then you can use some more coconut oil on your skin afterwards to moisturise it even more overnight.

obviously as one’s skin is a personal matter, each person’s skin reacts differently. my skin is usually quite delicate (hence my freckles – even though they were much more prominent when i was a kid!), but i found this exfoliator and moisturiser very fitting for my skin’s needs.

please note that even though coconut oil has great qualities for your skin, it is not recommended to be used on your face if you are suffering from rosacea as it might worsen your condition – if you have a skin condition, i would advise you to check with your nutritionist or doctor first … always better to be safe than to be sorry!




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