vegan thai butternut squash soup

this is such a winter-warmer, it is butternutty (if there is such a thing), coconutty, hot and spicy and slightly perfumed by coriander. plus the ginger will keep you healthy! a dish of very few ingredients but lots of flavour.

i love all-in-one-pot recipes, as they are quickly done and you can’t really mess up the recipe as it is so easy to prepare.

first of all, let’s just look at the butternut squash. the divine nigella lawson (has a chef ever brought more sensuality into the kitchen? and let’s face it, cooking in itself is one of the most sensual activities…) once called cranberries ‘plumptious beauties’ – well my plumptious beauties are pumpkins in all varieties. their colour alone is so inviting and their taste between sweet and savoury so satisfactory. just look at those (ok, i admit to using a colour-filter on the photo, but still … that orange is just food heaven):

butternut squash

that was before – here is after:

thai butternut squash soup


one butternut squash (approx. 1kg)

one can good quality coconut milk (400ml)

fresh ginger (approx. 1cm)

2-3 tsp red thai paste

1 tsp coconut oil

a dash of fresh lime juice

a bunch fresh coriander

sea salt, red chili flakes

start by cutting up the butternut squash – first halve it and deseed with a spoon, then cut off the hard peel and dice the orange flesh (the smaller the dices, the quicker the soup will be done – the size of your thumbnail is just about right). cut the skin of the ginger and grate the flesh, do ensure to keep each drop of the juice!

in a high pan, heat up the coconut oil on a moderate heat and fry the ginger and its juices in it for about 30 seconds while contstantly stirring. add the red thai paste and lime juice and stir until it is all combined. add the diced butternut squash and mix together well so you end up with all dices coated in the red ginger-curry-lime mix. add pinch or two of salt and a couple of pinches of chili flakes and stir fry for a minute.

add the coconut milk, stir once. the squash needs to be fully covered by the coconut milk, if there is not enough liquid, add a bit of water or coconut water. cover the pan with a lid and bring to a boil then slightly reduce the heat to keep it gently boiling. stir occasionally. depending on the size of the diced butternut squash, they should be cooked in about 20-30 minutes. Don’t worry to overcook them as they need to be soft in any case.

while it cooks, finely chop up the coriander (both leaves and stems). keep a tsp of chopped leaves aside for garnish.

once they are soft and starting to slightly fall apart, take off the cooker and mash it all together with a potato masher – you can also use a hand-held blender, but i prefer a masher as the soup retains more of a texture that way and does not become too silky smooth.

stir in the coriander and bring to a very slight simmer again before seasoning to taste with more sea salt and red chili flakes. serve it garnished with some chopped coriander.

et voila: it’s done!

(i know that this recipe is quite similar to the curried butternut squash soup from september last year, but this one tastes quite different as it uses less ingredients and a thai curry instead of an indian-style one. IMHO the thai version is cleaner in taste and much spicier!)








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