frozen red berry prosecco

essentially this is quite a summery drink, but sometimes when the temperatures fall well below zero (celsius!) outside, i find an icy drink quite soothing!

fozen berry prosecco

i was using frozen red berries (i used a mix of black currant, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries – best to use a prefozen mix in wintertime, during summer you can easily use fresh berries and freeze them yourself) and a pink prosecco / frizzante variety made from merlot grapes as it gives the drink slighltly more depth.

ingredients (for one cocktail):

a handfull of frozen red berries (see above)

half a shot of grand marnier (about 0.5cl)

chilled pink prosecco / frizzante / sparkling wine

quickly blend the frozen berries with the grand marnier in the food processor – this should only take a few seconds and you will end up with a sorbet-like mixture. instantly fill it in a cocktail glass and fill up with prosecco. gently stir it together – do not stir with vigor or you will end up with a flat drink and all the fizz gone! serve immediately.

sit back and enjoy as a nice aperitif or even as a boozy dessert after a dinner. it is quick, it is simple and always asks for a second round…

ps. if you want it pip free, you need to strain the sorbet through a sieve. i would recommend putting it back in the freezer again after for a couple of minutes as it will have become too runny after the straining. personally, i do enjoy the added crunchyness of the small pips from raspberries and black currants.



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