vegan overnight chia oats

what a satisfying way to start the day … no need to fuss around with breakfast preparation much in the morning as you prepare it the night before! hence all you have to do is to get up, brew your tea and take brekkie out of the fridge (plus cut up some fruit).

it is easy, yummy, versatile and you can play around with it the way you like by adding flavours!

the basic recipe is as follows:

4 tablespoons rolled oats

2 tablespoons chia seeds

2 tablespoons ground nuts (i used hazelnuts)

ca. 300ml coconut water

mix the nuts, oats and chia seeds in a sealable container. pour the coconut water on them and stir once. put a lid on the container (or use a kilner jar) and put in the fridge overnight.

in the morning, take out of the fridge and enjoy with some freshly cut fruit or just on its own. no additional sweetening needed as the coconut water is lightly sweet in taste, as are the oats. it is a nice mixture of nutty flavours and has a comforting consitstency – pudding like but chewy! if it is not creamy enough for you, just add some more liquid in the morning. also, using fine rolled oats (also known as quick oats) will give it a more creamy consistency than using the regular coarse rolled oats.

the picture on the left is the ‘pure’ version, which i ate with kiwi for an extra boost of vitamin c. the picture on the right has a teaspoon of cocoa powder added to the mix while soaking, which gives it a chocolatey tang and goes well with banana. but as ever, play around with what you like … serve with blueberries or strawberries, use almonds instead of hazlenuts, use rice flakes instead of rolled oats (to make it gluten-free), add vanilla or cinammon or use a different liquid (any nut milk will do – i would not recommend the use of cows milk though, as it tends to give the mixture a slightly slimy consistency! soy milk is not such a great idea either as it has too strong an aftertaste).

chia seeds are such a wonder. they are very high in fibre and eating this ‘puddingporridge’ for breakfast will get you going for at least 8 hours without feeling hungry…

ps. spoonfuls are heaped spoonfuls 🙂


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