time for a low carb breakfast feast

time flies, time flies … and 2016 is here. the festive season with all its riches calls for a bit of low carb time! and some resolutions with more regular posts again (i shall hold myself liable to post once a week!)

low carb breakfast (non-vegan … but with a vegetarian option)


obviously the fried eggs are hiding something beneath, so let’s look at the eggs and the ‘interior’ separately:

it is a quickly prepared dish of hot smoked salmon, avocado, fried eggs and tomatoes and is a very filling breakfast that will keep you satisfied until well after lunch!


1/2  avocado

60g hot smoked salmon

3 cherry tomatoes

2 organic eggs

a couple of rocket leaves

(avocado) oil, sea salt, chili flakes, lemon juice

preparation is quick and easy. chop up the avocado (as you only need half, ensure to leave the stone in the remaining half, as then you can store it in the fridge without it turning brown) and tear the salmon into pieces. mix together on a plate. drizzle some fresh lemon juice on top and sprinkle some torn rocket leaves on top.

take a cold (!!!!) frying pan, preferably non-stick, and drizzle half a teaspoon of oil in (avocado oil is perfect but coconut oil works wonders too), then rub it across the pan’s interior surface with your fingertips. add 3 sliced cherry tomatoes and crack two eggs into the pan. sprinkle with some sea salt and chili flakes.

put the frying pan on the hob and only after you put it on the hob turn it on a moderate heat. this way the eggs will cook slowly and it will not splash – you will also end up with fried eggs that are slightly crispy on the bottom but still have a lovely runny yolk! the eggs are done once the white has completely set – ensure not to move the pan around in the first three minutes (or so) as you don’t want to break up the eggs by moving the pan too early. actually, if it is a non-stick pan, you will not need to touch it at all until the eggs are done.

once they are done, slide the eggs on the avocado and salmon and enjoy with a nice cup of green tea! yum!

for a vegetarian option, just leave out the salmon and use more avocado. instead of the rocket, a sprinkle of dill works wonders too … as does a sprinkle of fresh tarragon on the eggs while they cook.



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