a cultural novelty item … ‘french’ music for ‘french’ baking: parlez-vous pop?

inspired by the tarte tatin, i rediscovered some ‘french’ music. now i do use the term french in the broadest sense, as it is actually a collection of songs and chansons interpreted in french by international artists (most of them german, but with some brits and others thrown in at equal measure):

PARLEZ-VOUS POP? (various artists)

parlez-vous pop

parlez-vous pop a

a little musical preview here:


while one knows that marlene dietrich and caterina valente were very international in their careers so it does not come as a surprise to hear them sing in french, some others are really surprising (not only via their accent!) … sandie shaw, conny froboess, marianne faithfull, alexandra … and manfred krug anyone? even the formidable mary roos pops up, who had a very successful career in france in the 1970s (who would have known?!)…

it is really a novelty item but an extremely pleasant one at that. it uplifts your mood and you instantly turn into a ‘frenchised’ chef in the kitchen, turning out one tarte tatin after the other. open your ears and be enchanted!

the collection was done and released by bureau-b, who always dig up nearly forgotten and exotic items. kudos to that!


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