a clean dessert free of added sugar: vegan pear, grape and riesling sorbet

this is such a winner that it nearly becomes a frozen cocktail … by adding the wine you bring a really nice extra to the sorbet:

pear, grape and riesling sorbet

grape pear and riesling sorbet

this is one of the few of my recipes that requires some preparation. for one serving wash a  ripe pear (no need to cut the peel off), cut into quarters  and cut out the core. then cut the qaurtered pear into chunks. put in a small bowl and splash with lemon juice and put into the freezer to freeze them (takes about two hours, depending on your freezer). i used a williams pear, as i find them really juicy and full of flavour when they are ripe and you need a juicy pear for the sorbet to work. wash a handfull of green grapes (they need to be seedless) and freeze those as well.

once they are fully frozen, put the pear chunks and the grapes (put one or two pieces of the pear aside for decoration) in a food processor  and add a good splash of dry riesling and process well so you get a smooth sorbet. while you process it, you might need to add more riesling, the amount of wine you need depends on your food processor, as sometimes the frozen pieces of fruit get stuck when there is not enough liquid added. for a non-alcoholic version you can use lemon juice (for a tarter taste) or grape juice (for a sweeter taste).

serve immediately in a cocktail glass – before adding the sorbet, i added two chunks of frozen pear to the bottom of the glass. it is a really clean tasting dessert which contains only natural sugar and is quite a winner to finish a vegan meal! even a non-vegan will cherish it 🙂


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