a saffron martini and an upside-down vesper

cocktail time once more. this time: take two and be ‘ginspired’!

saffron martini

saffron martini

this is basically a dry martini but with a very perfumed tinge by using saffron gin. very easy to make your own saffron gin. take one bottle of dry gin and add a packet of good quality saffron threads (not the powder, but the whole threads … usually there is 0.1g in one pack) to the gin. shake well and let it macerate for about 10-14 days before using! you can leave the threads in the gin. after that time it will be of a wonderful deep yellow colour and have a quite perfumed saffron aroma (which is not to everyone’s liking!).

use 4 parts saffron gin (or if you only want a subtle hint of saffron, use 2.5 parts of regular dry gin and 1.5 parts saffron gin), 1 part dry vermouth (i.e. dolin or noilly prat) and a dash of orange bitters and shake well with ice. strain into a chilled cocktail glass and add a frozen raspberry as garnish. you will have a really perfumed pre-dinner drink!

upside-down vesper

upside down vesper

similar to a vesper but with the ingredients inverted or rather more balanced: 2 parts lillet blanc, 2 parts dry gin, 1-2 parts vodka and a dash of orange bitters. shaken in a cocktail shaker with ice and some orange zest. strain into a chilled cocktail glass (i have added an ice cube as well … optional though) and add the orange zest as garnish. it is lighter in taste and sweeter than an original vesper – but still it is a potent drink as a mix of gin and vodka is never to be underestimated! drink with care – one is more than enough 🙂


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