music music music … marcella puppini, pt. II: the continuation, the release!

i need to come back to this extremely talented lady  MARCELLA PUPPINI (see also my post from two months ago!), as it has finally happened and her solo album has been commercially released (albeit so far in italy first … the rest of europe will follow soon) – but with the help of private sellers on amazon you can already get your imported copy. which is what i did and it arrived in the post today.

WOW, it is one great album – plus it is fun to compare the pre-postproduction (which i had the pleasure of listening to since last december) with the finished product and even though the raw version was pretty finished in itself, there are a couple of slight and major finishing touches to the final released version – plus two extra tracks!

MARCELLA PUPPINI – everything is beautiful



have a listen. tap your feet. electroswing along. be amazed! all thumbs up!

the .mp3 version via even has 5 remixes not on the cd. being an old-school person i bought the cd though – it feels more real that way! do spread the word and be puppini-ed! 🙂


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