a dash of colour to the buffet: beetroot, egg and tarragon salad

having been struck down with a cold recently and looking after my godson beforehand, i had little time to sit down but lots of time to lie down (and also run around!). now things are getting back to normal and i am driving out the cough with lots of fresh ginger tea, which is the best for a cold!

nonetheless, i am still eating and have ventured into the non-vegan territory with a salad again: beetroot, egg and tarragon salad

beetroot egg salad

for the recipe you can either boil three fresh beetroots until tender, let them cool down and peel them or otherwise use the cooked variety which you can get peeled and vacuum-packed in most bigger supermarkets. do not use the pickled variety with vinegar, as the taste is completely different!

half the three beetroots and cut them into pieces about 3-5mm thick and put in a serving bowl. boil three eggs until the yolk is hard with a slightly moist centre, do not overcook as the yolks will become chalky. depending on the size of the eggs, it works well if you put them in a pan with cold water (the eggs need to be room temperature), put on the stove and bring to the boil. let it boil for 2 minutes and then drain the eggs in cold water. let them cool down slightly and peel.

half the cooked eggs and take out the yolks. cut up the egg white into slender pieces and put those into the bowl with the beetroot. in a small mixing bowl, mix the cooked yolks with some fleur de sel, freshly ground white pepper, a teaspoon or two of dijon mustard (or, if you can get it, dijon mustard with tarragon!), a splash of lemon juice and a very small dash of honey or maple syrup (don’t overdo the sweetness as otherwise the salad will be too sweet, the honey/maple syrup is just there to balance the lemon. the sauce needs to be quite sharp in taste). mix well with a fork until the yolk has fully broken up and dissolved. then add walnut oil and mix well with the fork: you need to add as much walnut oil as needed for it to turn into a thickish, slightly mayonnaisey, sauce. add a good spoonful of chopped fresh tarragon and season with more fleur de sel and pepper if needed.

add the sauce to the egg whites and beetroot and mix well. garnish with some chili flakes. can be eaten straight away, but the flavours develop better if you let it marinate (in the fridge) for about an hour or so. serve at room temperature. the earthiness and slight sweetness of the beetroot goes really well with the sharpness of the mustard and the aniseed flavour of the tarragon. colourwise it is quite a looker too!


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