an organic and tasty cuppa … tea (for two?) – with a flavoursome tomatosnack

having gone off coffee since my sugar detox (even though i have a nice and strong espresso every now and then, i don’t enjoy coffee on a regular basis anymore), my tastebuds have rediscovered tea. green, black, white, herbal infusions … the whole lot.

i find organic tea tastier and it gives me a much cleaner frame of mind (in hope it being harvested ecologically!). usually when enjoying tea, i prefer loose tea, as the quality is higher than the teabag variety – though with herbal tea the difference is not that big.

a good cuppa (just not in a builder’s mug!!!) never goes amiss … morning, midday, afternoon, evening, nighttime. whenever, wherever – preparing tea is soothing and the heady aroma that fills the air when you do a fresh brew is so therapeutic.

there are two brands i favour: hampstead tea london and løv organic

tea for two tea for two too

hampstead tea london offers no-nonsense classic flavours and mixes – their english breakfast is strong in taste but not too bitter (this is the variety you see in the cuppa above) and i enjoy it most en naturel. their earl grey is quite perfumed with bergamot but does not taste like eau de cologne (as some earl greys do) and their oolong is a real star with a golden colour and a slight natural fragrance of peaches. simply divine!

løv organic has a huge variety of herbal infusions and flavoured teas – they all come in their signature tins. i am very partial to their black tea with rose and their linden/rose infusion, both of which you can see in the picture above.

having said that, i have become a tea purist … citrus flavours are great and flowery aromas as well but i find fruit aromas quite apalling for black and green tea (strawberry aroma in black tea? YUCK!). but as always, you go with what your palate prefers!

and actually, for an afternoon or lunchtime snack with a nice cup of freshly prepared black tea (i.e. a darjeeling), why not try oven grilled/roasted cherry tomatoes with summer savory:

roasted tomatoes

i know it sounds strange, but it does work with tea. of course it works as a normal evening snack with wine as well.

cut as many cherry tomatoes as you like in half and put them in an ovenproof dish with the cut side up. sprinkle some sea salt and chili flakes on top and drizzle with olive oil. put under the grill and oven roast on a low heat for about an hour – the tomatoes will semi-dry (similar to the recipe i posted a while ago) and get real intensity in flavour. 5 minutes before the end add some summer savory and drizzle a bit more olive oil on top. the savory will then slightly wilt under the heat and release its flavour into the oil.

serve the tomatoes either lukewarm or at room temperature. it is a healthy and pretty snack! make your own teatime ceremony out of it!


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