sunday eve delight: cocopolitan

it just occured to me that i have not had a recipe with coconut water for quite a while … so here is my weekend leisure twist on a cosmopolitan (even though i shall still remain quite partial to SATC, particularly as i seem to have the same dry wit as miranda – unfortunately not her paycheck though!):



the mix is similar to a cosmopolitan, substituting cranberry juice with coconut water. as usual there are many ways of measurements, mine go like this (1 part is about 1 cl): 10 parts coconut water, 5 parts vodka (you might want to use citrus flavoured vodka or even strawberry flavoured vodka – best of course is to make your own flavoured vodka, by adding lime or lemon peel to a bottle of vodka and letting it macerate for two weeks), 3 parts triple sec or grand marnier, 2 parts of lime juice, one frozen (or chilled) strawberry and ice. shake ait all together in a cocktail shaker and strain into a martini glass … add another frozen strawberry so the eye will be pleased as well!

even though you shake it with a strawberry, it does not taste of strawberry … the strawberry (while shaking) is solely for adding some colour, hence the cocktail will be pretty in light pink! actually you can use a frozen (or chilled) raspberry as well … but then you should add a frozen raspberry when serving it too. easy, innit?

be adventurous. be creative with your drinks (and food!). enjoy and drink responsibly!


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