strawberry overload … with some raspberries thrown in for measure

been busy days, hence i was quiet for a week. but now i am back with a vengeance! and with strawberries …  lots of them. strawberries are so luscious, they add something to all kinds of cocktails and drinks (and food!), hence a short selection:

lillet blanc with mediterranean tonic

lillet blanc with tonic

lillet is a french liqueur that consists of wine and botanicals, it is fortified and similar to vermouth but much more floral in taste. on its own served with ice, it already makes a wonderful aperitif but if you add some strawberries and a good quality tonic water (fever tree mediterranean tonic water works wonders as it has floral notes too!), it tastes like summer incarnate. use about  2 parts tonic on 1 part lillet and pour over strawberries and some ice. heaven indeed!



a rossini is the blushed little sister of a bellini, using strawberries instead of peaches. use a handfull of strawberries, blend them in the multimix with a dash of grand marnier (an orange liqueur, triple sec works too) and chill well. serve in a cocktail glass using 1 part of the strawberry puree (if you are ‘allergic’ to the seeds then you need to pour it through a sieve first … i personally like the seeds as they add texture) on 2 parts of ice cold pink prosecco or champagne – use a spoon to gently blend together … softly, softly as you don’t want it to go flat. the colour is mouthwatering already! this is a great summer aperitif too.

should you not want to bother whizzing berries with a blender, just use some frozen raspberries, serve in a cocktail glass, a dash of grand marnier on top and fill it up with ice cold pink prosecco or champagne and you have a simple but nice aperitif:

frozen raspberry prosecco

frozen raspberry prosecco

and now … dessert! obviously with strawberries, but no added sugar (as they are sweet enough) and vegan:

strawberries with coconut cream

strawberries with coconut

i know it looks like ice cream on top, but it ain’t! the topping is creamed coconut, whipped together with some coconut cream, to give it a slightly frothy texture, without being liquidy. a bit like non frozen ice cream. for the coconut cream, put a can of coconut milk in the fridge and chill well. when you open it, you will find that the cream has solidified on top whereas the liquidy milk will be at the bottom of the can. spoon the cream off and blend it together with a couple of spoonfuls of creamed coconut (note that coconut cream is the the creamy bit of coconut milk, whereas creamed coconut is a more solid paste that uses the flesh and the milk of the cocnut together, being much more coconutty and sweet in taste). a high speed blender works wonders here. serve it chilled and spooned over cut up or sliced strawberries. you could also add some vanilla pods for a lovely added extra too (sadly i had none to hand).

now i am berried out … next up will be something hearty again 🙂 soon, soon, soon…


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