summer food … grilled peppers with feta

as summer decided to come back right in time for the 25th anniversary of me turning legally into an adult (please do your own math!), food has become summery as well. giving it a mediterranian tinge, combining peppers with feta!

grilled peppers with feta 

grilled peppers with feta

it is an extremely simple dish: using a yellow and a red pepper, deseeded and cut into strips plus adding 4-5 halved cherry tomatoes and a sliced clove of garlic. mix it all together in a ovenproof dish, add some fleur de sel, dried chili and freshly ground white pepper and drizzle with some olive oil and a dash of lime juice. then put under the hot grill (or in the hot oven, the hotter the better) and leave to soften and slightly brown. stir occasionally so it cooks evenly.

when it is ready, crumble some good quality feta cheese on top (please only use authentic greek feta made from sheep’s and goat’s milk!) and back in the oven for some more browning – the feta should be lightly brown on top, for it not to turn dry. for the last two minutes you can add a handfull of pine nuts as well. use any herbs you have to hand for sprinkling on top before serving (i used dill, but thyme or flat leaf parsley work wonders too)!

this goes so well with a nice glass of chilled white wine! or a cocktail of course 🙂


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