cocktail dreams … blue moon and bellini

cocktails are adorable! they simply always look pretty ūüôā

high on the cute and wonderful scale for me is the blue moon

blue moon

i mean what could look nicer than something purple with a glowing frozen raspberry inside? the cocktail itself is an acquired taste, as it is very floral hence perfumey in aroma … and i know quite a few¬†people who don’t like that in a drink at all. ah, well, i do! there are many different recipes, but for me the following works best:

2 parts gin (i used bombay), 1 part dry vermouth (i used dolin), 0.5 parts violet liqueur and a dash of orange bitters … all shaken together with ice and then poured/strained into a martini glass over a frozen raspberry. should you want it less floral then use less violet liqueur as recipes differ from a dash or a teaspoon … i like the colour to be deep purple and the perfumed character, that is why i used quite a lot!

there are several brands of violet liqueur but i usually use the following, manufactured by a small german company (who do other liqueurs and bitters as well) called the bitter truth. usually you can find it in online speciality shops (or amazon):

violet liqueur

staying on the cocktail topic – a wonderful start to a dinner is a bellini as an aperitif! especially now when peaches are in season (as you need succulent fresh peaches!!!):

bellini 1

bellini 2

i really prefer white-fleshed peaches and of those flat peaches, as i find their flavour richer than regular yellow-fleshed peaches. but the yellow ones work as well!

for one bellini, peel a peach,¬†destone it¬†and puree¬†it in a multimix. add a dash of lime juice (so it will not oxidise quickly and turn a bit brownish – the change in colour does not affect the taste though) and stir it in. i add a teaspoon of peach liqueur as well (but you don’t have to) to the mix. put in a cocktail glass and chill for about half an hour in the fridge so the peach purree gets really cold (cover with clingfilm while in the fridge). then pour ¬†chilled champagne or cremant or prosecco (always a dry variety) to the puree to fill the martini glass and gently stir it in with a spoon (gentle gentle or else the drink will go flat). after having a bellini, dinner can start!

as a variation, you could do a frozen bellini as well, if you cut the peeled peach in cubes and then freeze the cubes before pureeing them. that way you can use the¬†puree¬†straight away¬†(don’t forget to add the lime and possibly peach liqueur!).

by now i might sound like a right lush, but actually i don’t live on cocktails ūüôā


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