alfresco protein breakfast … plus mozart’s requiem

yesterday there was a big storm with strong gales and some rain – but this morning the skies were amazingly blue again with a crisp and fresh smell in the morning air. my balcony is teeny-weeny-tiny but still i can sit and eat there when i feel like, hence this morning called for an alfresco breakfast:

truffled scrambled eggs with smoked salmon

truffled scrambled eggs with smoked salmon

this really is a protein bomb … not vegetarian but pescetarian. should you prefer, you can substitute the salmon with some diced avocado (or you can also add some avocado to have on the side, the smoothness of the avocado complements the eggs quite well).

for the scrambled eggs i gently heated a good dollop of cream and a teaspoon of salted butter (use the grassfed variety from ireland or from britanny) in a small frying pan, it needs to be hot but NOT boiling. then crack three eggs into the pan and gently mix with a mixing spoon, don’t overmix. put the heat on very low and let it gently ‘cook’ for about 10-15 minutes while occasionally stirring. the eggs are not to brown, the mixture just needs to set and retain its glossyness. for the last 3 minutes add a dash of good quality truffle oil, a pinch of salt, some freshly ground white pepper, another dash of salted butter and a spoonful of cream and gently stir it in. the truffle oil really adds to the flavour of the eggs and gives the dish a nice richness!

serve with smoked salmon and sprinkle some dried chilli on top. it is a very satisfactory breakfast and you will not be hungry for a couple of hours after. i had some white tea with it, as it is delicate in flavour and fragrant without being too bitter. for my taste, i find  a strong tea or coffee somehow don’t really go with scrambled eggs … but then my taste is quite strange! 🙂

as it is sunday, here is some more spiritual music for the weekend: the ‘requiem’ by wolfgang amadeus mozart and the ‘german requiem’ (ein deutsches requiem) by johannes brahms – both conducted by SIR ROGER NORRINGTON


there is nothing heavyhanded about these interpretations. the choir (the schütz choir of london) sings with a litheness and gentle feeling, the soloists (in both works) don’t make heavy weather of what they sing but just project the spiritual quality. to my ears it all sounds very rounded and ‘stimmig’. especially the mozart requiem is a speciality here, as it is not performed in the süssmayr version but in a new version by duncan druce with sublte but noticable changes. even though both works are requiems, i find them very convincing the way that sir roger and the london classical players present them – they uplift the soul rather than dragging it down!

i would not call them definite versions, as both works need to be heard in different interpretations because there are many valid and very different readings. should you be interested, i would recommend the following for further listening as well for the Mozart (to complement and/or contrast the Norrington):


Enoch zu Guttenberg – Chorgemeinschaft Neubeuern:

Teodor Currentzis – The New Siberian Singers:

Friedrich Beringer – Windsbacher Knabenchor:

Sir John Eliot Gardiner – The Monteverdi Choir:

William Christie – Les Arts Florissants:

Sir Neville Marriner – Academy of St Martins in the Fields Chorus:

Christoph Spering – Chorus Musicus Köln:

Nikolaus Harnoncourt – Arnold Schönberg Chor:

Claudio Abbado – Schwedischer Rundfunkchor:

go on … have a try – and be completely blissed out 🙂 🙂 🙂


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