frozen berry bramble and 2raumwohnung … a treat on a summer night!

friday! cocktail time 🙂

and as it is summer, it is the time for berries as well. the recipe is a slight variation of a blackberry bramble (which uses fresh blackberries and creme de mure … which is a blackberry liqueur):

frozen berry bramble

berry brambleberry bramble2

the clue is that you use frozen berries, hence you need to use less ice and the cocktail will not get watered down. pour a handfull of frozen berries (mine consisted of blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and red currants) in a martini glass and splass with a wee bit of lime juice. then in a cocktail shaker, shake 1.5 parts dry gin (bombay dry gin works well, as does bombay sapphire), 0.75 parts lime juice and 1 part creme de cassis (which is a black currant liqueur from france … also used to make a splendid kir or kir royal!) with an ice cube and pour over the berries. you have the lovely tartness of the berries, the dryness of the gin and the sweetness of the creme de cassis altogether in one glass. as berries are very healthy, you really have a healthy cocktail (or at least you can pretend!). enjoy!!!

a summer night also calls for easy-listening lounge music. now there is a wonderful german electro duo called 2RAUMWOHNUNG, who released a very chilled loungey acoustic album of their best known songs in 2005, called ‘melancholisch schön’ (melancholically beautiful) and it is a bit like listening to a 21st century german astrud gilberto album with a modern twist. very laid back and it partners a cocktail very well:



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