summer pimms and a pescetarian potato salad

i love pimms … that slight bitterness with a fruity aftertaste is so refreshing in summer (and of course, it helps that it is gin-based, as i love gin as well!). there is also a special summer edition of pimms which is blackberry and elderflower flavoured (sadly not infused, only flavoured…) and it tastes like a late warm summer evening should taste like: bittersweet! mix it with some tonic water and ice and serve it in a martini glass for cutesiness … about 1 part summer pimms and 4 parts tonic water (i like the extra quininic bitterness that the tonic water adds!). close your eyes and enjoy: summer pimms with tonic water

summer pimms and tonic

today’s dinner i prepared yesternight … as a good potato salad is always best enjoyed a day later (obviously chilled inbetween!). nonvegetarian today but pescetarian 🙂

pescetarian potato salad with matjes (soused herring)

pescetarian potatoe salad

i used three matjes fillets (matjes is a special young herring that is slightly salted and pickled), quickly rinsed and chopped into finger-thick strips. five boiled and peeled potatoes, slightly cooled and chopped, mixed together with a handfull of chopped dill, a chopped raw shallot and some dried chili – best is to mix the fish with the herbs and onion while the spuds are boiling to let it marinate a little while. then add the warm potatoes (not hot! only warm) and pour a sauce made from one pot of ‘schmand’ (german sour cream) mixed with a teaspoon of tarragon mustard (regular dijon mustard will do as well), a pinch of salt (not more as the matjes adds salt already) and some freshly ground white pepper over it. mix it all well and carefully, in order not to break up the potatoes – i use my hands for this, as you can be much more gentle this way.

you can either eat it after letting it marinate and the flavours blend together for an hour … or put it in a container with a lid and let it marinate in the fridge for a day. either way, it is a very hands-down salad (‘hausmannskost’ we say … it always reminds me of my mum who loved matjes!!!) and a filling meal. not low-carb, but then you don’t eat it every day!


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