american dreams pt. I – the von trapps & pink martini

once the hills were alive with the sound of music … and julie andrews was singing and dancing in the alps. this immortal movie (which for some reason is hardly known in germany … ‘the sound of music’ does not really ring a bell to most german audiences of a certain age. probably as we had our own german heimatfilm version with ruth leuwerik!) is based on the story of maria and the von trapp family. queue to another generation: THE VON TRAPPS

the von trapps

this vocal harmony group are the great-grandchildren of the original von trapp family (actually they are the grand children of werner von trapp, whose character in the movie was called kurt!) and they are producing a very refreshing folksy-pop-easylistening amalgamation of music. of their new EP ‘dancing in gold’, the title track really makes your feet tap and ‘people like us’ will linger in your ears for a long time after. loving it big time!

a couple of years ago they did a wonderful collaboration with PINK MARTINI (another group which i am very fond of), entitled ‘dream a little dream’, which has self-penned material mixed with the usual pink martini buffet of standards and well-known songs. there you get a zingy southern american version of abba’s ‘fernando’, some austrian yodelling and also tunes from ‘the sound of music’!

pink martini and the von trapps

all in all there is just one word: fantabulous!


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