avocado strawberry salad … and pink prosecco with strawberries

it is one of my favourite times of the year … when one can get juicy local strawberries! you blink and you miss it, as it seems like it is only a two week period before they go flavourless again. that is why i tend to make most of it. today with a a more or less unfruity dish: avocado strawberry salad

avocado strawberry saladvery simple to prepare: slice a handfull of strawberries and half an avocado plus a couple of mini mozarelle (or you can use the regular version as well … best is of course a flavoursome buffalo mozzarella, but in lack of that i used the ‘normal’ variety – should you want to go vegan then just leave out the mozzarella and use some toasted pine nuts for crunchiness) and mix in some chopped basil (carefully, as you don’t want to mash the avocado). drizzle with a bit of good quality old and sirupy aceto di balsamico (it needs to be a high quality one, in order for it to be nice and sweetish). balsamico and strawberries are a match made in heaven. i used my favourite brand of balsamico which is simply delish:

aceto di balsamicosprinkle some dried chili on top and it is ready to be enjoyed. i had a tiny glass of pink prosecco with strawberries on the side. just to give it the full-on summer treatment!

pink prosecco with strawberriesthis actually reminds me that i simply must prepare a punch soon!!! 🙂


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