my perfect dirty martini

i am a huge martini fan … dry, dirty, gin, vodka, floral … everything goes. and i am particularly partial to a dirty martini. here is my recipe:

4 parts dry gin (bombay dry gin is perfect … the 40% variety!)

1 part dry vermouth (noilly prat or dolin)

1 dash angostura bitters

1 teaspon of olive brine + 1 green olive (use the ones with stone and please a high quality version!)

shake the liquids with ice (shaken, not stirred!) and then strain into a martini glass and add the olive. voila. perfect to start a leisurely evening. or end it. whatever you prefer 🙂

dirty martini

ps. the martini will clear quickly, i took the photo straight after pouring, hence it still appears cloudy. taste is the same though! if you absolutely hate olives then leave out the olive and the brine but add a twist of lemonpeel while shaking and put the lemonpeel in the glass after as well. it is not a dirty martini then, but a dry one. the less vermouth you use, the drier it gets (i think ernest hemingway preferred his dry martinis with the glas just rinsed with a dash of vermouth and the rest gin pure!)…


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