sugar detox – day 10 (grand final!) … and marcella puppini

let’s start with music again … with delicious electro-swing-pop-alternative-wonderful music: MARCELLA PUPPINI

marcella puppini

i came across marcella puppini nearly 10 years ago, in spring 2006, when i got captivated by a poster for the release of THE PUPPINI SISTERS  first album (more of those in a later blog!) on the london tube. i gave it a listen and i was hooked!

aside from the puppini sisters, marcella puppini has also branched out on a solo career – and what an album this new one is! altough i have to say that this hint is rather a tease, as the actual album is not released yet. being an artist through and through, marcella crowdfunded the production of the album via pledgemusic and as i (as a gazillion others!) contributed, i received a pre-release before christmas last year (on the link above you can hear one of the tracks!). and i can tell you, once it gets officially released, you need to snatch it up and tap your feet to the beat and smile smile smile (there is even a nina-hagenesque track on it … at least i would describe it as thus!). go on, put it on your wishlist, you know you want to 🙂

now, to food! today was the last day of the sugar detox and still … no sugar cravings. i seem to be into monocoloured food recently, meaning after yesterday’s splash of bright orange, today was green day: broccoli with homemade rocket pesto

broccoli with rocket pesto

steamed the broccoli to preserve colour and nutritions and then served it with this cheese-free pesto, which contained rocket, walnuts, garlic, fleur de sel, freshly ground white pepper, olive oil and walnut oil … all blitzed together in the multimix (use intuition and as much oil as you need to make it creamy but not too runny. don’t overdo the garlic, as otherwise it will bee too intense. one clove is enough on half a punnet of rocket). garnished with toasted pine nuts, a bit of dried chili, some freshly chopped rocket and the chopped leaves from the broccoli and ready is a green meal. simple flavours and delish!


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