sugar detox – day 9

today was a bit of a cheat day as i did not manage to do much shopping and i had to use up some carrots, which are only allowed in moderation during the detox, but i made a meal out of them!

coarse carrot and almond puree with coconut milk

coarse carrot pureeit is not really a puree but what we call ‘stampf’ in german, meaning the texture is not smooth but you can really taste the bits and pieces!

i shallow fried an onion and half a red chili (chopped) and some sliced ginger in a teaspoon of coconut oil, then added the chopped carrots with some fleur de sel and dried chili and stirred it a bit, to coat the carrots well. once coated, a mix of coconut milk and coconut water ‘thrown’ into the pan – just as much that the carrots were fully covered. brought it to the boil and let it boil until the carrots were soft but not mushy. then using a masher to mash it up so it gets a nice coarse puree. taking it from the stove and adding a handfull of coarseley ground and toasted almonds and a bunch of chopped coriander to be mixed in, plus some more fleur de sel and chili to taste.

purees (coarse or smooth) are always comfort food for me – and this one is really comforting!

tomorrow… last detox day! so you can expect some more music then too 🙂


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