sugar detox – day 8

as i am nearing the end of the detox, i decided to go for a rocket salad with seared tuna tonight – but i had to make some concessions, as my grill module is not really hot enough to sear, hence the tuna steaks ended up rather pale (but not dry!):

rocket salad with seared tunathe tuna was frozen and i defrosted it thoroughly and then just quickly splashed some lime juice and fleur de sel on each side, afterwards putting it on a rack and drizzling the top of the fish with some olive oil before putting it under the grill. in order to keep the fish juicy i did not turn it so the top got cooked and the bottom (sadly not to be seen on the photo) remained pink and slightly raw – usually it is best to have tuna steaks with a pink center but you can easily overcook them if you are not careful, hence putting them under the grill and only cooking one side is a quick and safe option! and with a bit of toasted sesame seeds as garnish, the tuna steaks looked a bit more presentable 😉

the salad was a simple one, just rocket and a couple of quartered cherry tomatoes – with a dressing made from lime juice, olive oil, fleur de sel, ground white pepper (always grind pepper freshly as otherwise it will lose lots of its flavour) and a pinch of chili. i also added a couple of chopped basil leaves. altogether the meal was prepared in 15 minutes – it is a quick option when one does not have much time.

a very summery dish!


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