sugar detox – day 7 … plus more norwegian music

i admit it: i love endives! i find their slight bitterness and their crunchiness plus the waterburst when you chew them very enticing. hence it was endives today … ‘endive boats‘ as they look so pretty, filled with avocado cream and tuna-egg-cream (to use up the rest of yesterday’s tuna … i never waste food):

'endive ships'

recipe is very simple – just wash the endives and then ‘peel’ off the layers (you always need to cut a bit off at the bottom). the avocado filling contains one ripe and diced avocdo, a quarter of a fresh red chili, a clove of garlic, fleur de sel, pepper, lime juice and a pinch of smoked paprika powder, all blended together in the multimix until smooth. the tuna-egg-filling contains a third of a can of tuna, two boiled eggs (not too hard, not too soft!), a handfull of dill, fleur de sel, pepper, some of the tuna brine from the can (i always prefer tuna in brine) and a dash of walnut oil (as otherwise it gets too dry, but you can use any other oil that is not too dominant in taste as well), all blended together in the multimix until smooth.

then the endive leaves need to be arranged and filled – some garnish never goes amiss either: i used ground dry chili, some chopped nasturtium leaves (great peppery flavour!) and a nasturtium blossom to add some colour! actually, it would also make great finger food for a cocktail party as well (will definately complement a dirty martini!!!!).

what more? i treated myself to dessert today 🙂

obviously dairy and sugar and fruit free! a recipe i borrowed and adapted from detoxinista: creamy almond butter freezer fudge ( – though with me it ended up as a different variety – a creamy sugarfree almond butter cocoa freezer fudge

sugarfree almond butter cocoa freezer fudgeto be eaten right out of the bowl! i mixed 4 tablespoons of almond butter, 1 table spoon of coconut oil, 2 teaspoons of cocoa powder (pure, not any that has added sugar!) and a pinch of fleur de sel (as fleur de sel goes so well with cocoa!!!). then you put it in the freezer for about an hour and it is ready to be spooned out of the bowl straight away. it is creamy, nutty and cocoay and melts in the mouth (should you have some left, then back in the freezer for another occasion)! sugarfree heaven – but quite calorific so not to be overindulged in! and, of coure, very more-ish…

now, the music du jour: SOLVEIG SLETTAHJELL

solveig slettahjell

solveig slettahjell is a jazz artist and is well known for the slow motion attitude to songs, meaning slowing them down to get to the essence of a song (it works wonders with some standards!). the album antologie is a tribute to songs she grew up with and songs she admires from the world of pop. the arrangements are verz sparse (often only piano or guitar) and she brings her own to each song. her versions of ‘the winner takes it all’ (abba), ‘true colours’ (cindy lauper) or ‘saddest song i’ve got’ (annie lennox) are real gems, but it is hard to single any one song out, they are all interpreted uniquely … once heard, those versions will still linger in your ear for a long time. highly recommended!


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