sugar detox day 6 … and more music for the weekend

let’s start with music and end with food. i always had a soft spot for doris kappelhoff, or DORIS DAY as she is better known … those fluffy 50s and 60s comedies have enchanted so many of my childhood sunday afternoons and continue to do so (let’s be clear here, obviously i was not born when those had their cinematic release, but i watched them on tv in the 80s!): it happened to jane, pillow talk, lover come back, the glass bottom boat, caprice, the thrill of it all (the latter with the hilarious ‘my name is beverly boyer and i am a pig’-scene!) – they are still as enchanting and lightly fluffy nowadays as they were back then (if one can accept the male/female stereotypes and see them as tongue-in-cheek) and still make me laugh and feel comfy!

what people often forget is that doris day starred in a couple of dramatic roles as well (i.e. the man who knew too much by hitchcock and midnight lace) plus she was a very accomplished singer!!! actually she might still be, as she is still alive and kicking 🙂

now i wanna salute ms kappelhoff twice, first via a tribute album done by that exceptionally versatile (in different musical styles) american vegan singer and songwriter: NELLIE McKAY

nellie mckay

the second link includes a little interview and a song! what i like about this doris day tribute is the way she stays faithfull to all these featured songs that are associated with doris day and makes them totally her own – it is completely wonderful and the arrangements are simply divine: ukulele, flute, bells, french horen …  you name it and you find it! highly recommended for every day!

and certainly i have to recommend something by DORIS DAY herself – as she did a wonderful cd of jazz standards with the ANDRE PREVIN TRIO, that i cherish very much – time to rediscover her as a singer:

doris day

back to food for the day! this eve it is leftovers from day 4, but lunch was a salad nocoise (as it differs too much from a nicoise, hence a nocoise … the similarity is the tuna, the eggs and the olives!)

salad nocoise

it is basically sorrel leaves, basil leaves (both chopped), diced avocado, diced greed olives (black ones look even better, but i only had green ones in the fridge), chopped and deseeded tomatoes, canned tuna (a good and sensible variety, like followfish), the chopped white of two boiled eggs and roughly chopped walnuts thrown together – obviously you can add other vegetables or salad varieties if you want.

the sauce is a mayonnaise adaptation: use the yolks from the boiled eggs and mix them together with some lime or lemon juice, walnut oil and a dash of truffle oil (to give an extra zing!) plus adding some sea salt, pepper and a bit of dried chili. it will quickly emulgate and you need to use as much oil and lemon or lime juice (be careful with the juice as otherwise it might become too acidic in taste) to get it to a creamy but slightly runny sauce. the trick is to make the sauce quite strong in taste (you would not want to eat it on its own!) as it then really complements the different flavours in the salad when mixed together. the photo is from before stirring it all to cover it with sauce … unstirred is more photogenic! some freshly ground white pepper will make a perfect finish when serving. quite a wholesome salad!


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