sugar detox – day 4 … with music

right … before talking detox and food i wanna be cultural and recommend some music – a swedish vocal trio, accapella deluxe (even though percussion is used) – called SOLALA. they put quite a unique twist on classic and contemporary songs and traditional scandinavic tunes. fantabulous!


now: food! brekkie and lunch were unspectacular (hence no photos) as brekkie consisted of cracked linseeds soaked in water and lunch was a salad with leftovers (rest of tomatoes, rest of raw mushrooms, half a cucumber, rest of tahina, rest of parsley) so nothing to write home about. for some reason one of my colleagues brought some sparkling wine and home made cookies and macaroons into our office today (the french, you know, they are cruel! 😉 ) but even though the cookies had a deliciously sweet smell, i did not eat them (neither did i drink the bubbly). actually since i started the sugar detox, i had no sugar cravings at all!

i decided to do something fishy and stewy tonight. a thai fish stew … as i wanted to use up the rest of yesterday’s thom kha hed liquid (the mushrooms i ate all last night) which was stored in the fridge.

thai fish stew

preparation: i shallow fried a chopped shallot, some diced ginger, a stem of chopped lemon grass, half a red and quarter of a yellow chili, some chopped garlic and some dried chili with a pinch of fleur de sel in some coconut oil before adding a dash of lime juice and a teaspoon of red thai curry paste (as it has that lovely kaffir lime aroma!) and let it simmer for a minute before adding the liquid of last night’s soup.

when it got to the boil i added four chopped baby pak choi and turned down the stove after a couple of minutes so it was just slightly simmering. the fish i used was sustainably fished cod (i personally find the products from followfish quite good, as they have a tracking number on them – you can find them in a good supermarket in the freezer), three handsize pieces, cut into dicey chunks. those i added into the stew and then simmered it for about 2-3 minutes (but only slightly. make sure the fish is fully defrosted befora  adding it, as otherwise it cools down the liquid too much) before taking it off the stove. to finish it off i added a handful of chopped basil and a handfull of chopped mint (as my supermarket round the corner was out of coriander … i personally find basil and mint a good substitute. different in taste of course, but fitting with the coconut and curry) plus two tablespoons of roasted sesame seeds. my tastebuds found it quite a success!

for dessert tonight i decided to swing my feet around my parquet flooring to some norwegian electropop (swedish, norwegian … you do get the knack that i am somehow scandophilic, don’t you?!): BERTINE ZETLITZ

bertine zetlitz

so today i brought food and scandinavian music … and now i shall rest! tomorrow is leftover day again (as there is lots of stew left and still some of yesterday’s raw zucchini hummus and beetroot chips), therefore friday will not bring you new food from me – but surely more music!


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