sugar detox – day 3

i admit that this is doing my head in … there are so many different kinds of approach to sugar detoxes. some say brown rice is ok, some say no way at all – others say yes to beets and corn in moderation – some allow lentils but no pulses. i think i decided to pick and choose, and this one comes closest (though it is laid out for 21 days, but i shall stick to 10 at first):

anyhow, getting sidetracked!

brekkie (after the usual hot water and lemon cocotion) was sparse but then i was not particularly hungry. coconut water, verveine tea and a mix of nuts and cracked linseed. pure and simple and satisfactory!

a nutty brekkie

as i had some errants to run at lunchtime there was only little time to eat, hence lunch was simple and raw … an avocado (the colour alone is appetizing!) with tahina dip and some cherry tomatoes with fresh basil. afterwards half a handful of coconut flakes. somtimes simple is best as you can really taste the flavours best.

avocado with tahina

when i got home tonight i repotted some plants in order to have some gooseberries and cranberries … though i don’t think before next year – but the nasturtium is in bloom and will be used for a salad soon!

balcony bliss

anyhow: DINNER!

i felt like something crispy, something fresh and something soupy! actually, i went for a starter of beetroot chips (not homemade, but a clean organic purchased variety. not too greasy and only slightly salted), quickly warmed under the grill and as i had a courgette left from last night i went for a raw courgette/zucchini hummus (pulses free, hence total in line with the detox), recipe to be found here (though i added some harissa as i was lacking cumin):

beetroot chips with raw zucchini hummus

main course was a thom kha hed, to which i added some ginger, substituted the vegetable stock with coconut water and started the cooking off with shallow frying a shallot and half a yellow chili in a dollop of coconut oil before adding the coconut milk and coconut water (i did mention that i hardly ever stick to a recipe, didn’t i? i rather use them as a guideline to get creative and use what i have to hand). the recipe for the thom kha hed can be found here:

thom kha hed

both courses were tasty and heartwarming. and something for the eye as well as the palate!

and now … time to catch up with some zzzzzz!


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