sugar detox – day 2

honestly, when i woke up this morning i was not hungry, meaning the shakshuka last eve really lasted.

the day began like yesterday: with a glass of warm water and the juice of one lemon. invigorating! sauer macht ja auch lustig!

in the office i prepared a wee breakfast, containing of half a cucumber cut into fingers, tahini, a glass of coconut water, lots of regular water and a lovely pukka tea (chamomile, rose and lavender … no wonder it is called pukka love as it tastes extremely lovely!)


mid morning snack was a handfull of mixed nuts, though it was more a habit than feeling hungry – but i had a slight headache as i felt the lack of coffee since 48 hours (this is normal though if you are used to your morning coffee and only appears on the second day of a detox with me)!

lunch consisted of yesterday’s leftover shakshuka and an endive cut into pieces, both garnished with yesterday’s tahina (tahini dip) and pumpkin seeds. i forced myself to a glass of vegetable juice as well (tomatoe, beetroot, cucumber and some other veggies … though i find it tastes like cold pasta sauce! an acquired taste!) and of course, without forcing, some coconut water. i could live on coconut water, soooo tasty!

Foto 2

afternoon went by without a snack, apart from three almonds … but lots of water!

getting home, i got frisky with a jar of babaganoush which i found in my cupboard and decided to incorporate that into dinner. i sliced three courgettes lengthways and drizzled them with some salt, lemon, pepper and olive oil and quickly cooked/grilled them in a microwave/grill combo. then each slice got smeared with babaganoush and rolled up. to go with it i rolled some slices of smoked salmon with sorrel leaves and cut some cherry tomatoes in half …. thrown some chopped flat leaf parsley, chili flakes and roasted pine nuts as garnish on top and ready it was to eat. and i finished it all! bon appetit…

Foto 3

smoked salmon rolled with sorrel

ohhhhh and guess what i had to drink?!?!?!?!? 🙂

coconut water

(yes, yes, coconut water … not bacardi!)


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