sugar detox – day 1

as my birthday is nearing soon enough, i decided to go on a sugar detox for 10 days. actually this means not only cutting out all sweet stuff but also to eliminate most full-on carbs amongst some other things … plainly speaking: no sugar, no fruit (apart from lemons and limes), no starchy foods (no grains, no potatoes, no rice, no maize), no pulses (as in peas, soy or even peanuts), no dairy, no tea&coffee and no alcohol (that means no cocktails! dommage…)

hence i will end up with a diet of vegetables (without the above mentioned!), nuts, coconut oil, herbs, salad, eggs and fish. so far i am not cranky but quite content!

i am not a breakfast eater (don’t judge me on that!), so the morning started with a glass of warm water with some lemon juice to get the digestion going. no morning snack today in the office as i left my nuts at home (no pun intended)…

lunch consisted of an endive, half a cucumber and a tahini dip. dessert was some coconut chips which were amazingly succulent and not dry at all. forgot to take a picture, but one from lunch tomorrow will follow.

now: dinner! drum roll … drum roll … drum roll …

shakshukashakshuka! yum. shakshuka is a middle-eastern dish (i think) and consists of tomatoes, onions and garlic cooked together with some herbs (i used flat leaf parsley and coriander) and spices (harissa paste and i also added dried red and fresh green chili and smoked paprika powder). once it is simmered down a bit, you crack a couple of eggs into the pan which will then cook in the vegetables. i never really use a full-on recipe but usually go by intuition.

to top it i used a bit of tahini dip (sesame paste mixed with lemon juice, a splash of olive oil, salt, pepper, freshly grated garlic and coriander), as i love the slight bitterness of the sesame paste. bon appetit!

it was very filling as the eggs are protein-rich and i am feeling very satisfied.

(as a sidenote: it is coconut water in the bacardi glass … the next 10 days will remain booze-free!)


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